Angels Landing
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Angels Landing
Angels Landing
Angels Landing
Angels Landing
Angels Landing
Angels Landing
Angels Landing
Angels Landing
Angels Landing

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☆ 88
Zion, Utah
37.259313, -112.951325
5.4 miles
1,488 ft / 454 m
4 hr
7 / 10

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No - Shuttle Required
Spring, Fall
‍8 / 10 (H)



Angels Landing is the most popular hike in Zion National Park for good reason. The view from the top provides one of the few 360° views of the park but the entire hike has plenty to offer. With chain assisted rock scrambles, narrow ridge lines, steep drops, and phenomenal views throughout, Angels Landing is one of those hikes that you can't miss. However, as Zion's most popular trail, we can not stress enough....START EARLY. This trail can quickly become unbearable, with hoards of hikers, lines at chained rock scrambles, and people with paralyzing fear of heights refusing to make any sort of moves. The first shuttle of the day takes off at 7am, so if you catch it you'll be in great shape.

Angels Landing starts at bus stop number 6, so just jump off the bus and head across the big steel bridge to find the start of the trailhead. The first two miles start up the west rim trail and steadily climb up a wide paved trail. Once you reach Walters Wiggles, a series of 21 mini switchbacks, you'll know you're getting close to the first viewpoint Scouts Landing. From Scouts Landing, it's only another 500 feet of elevation to go, but a tough 500 feet. This is where the chained rock scrambles and narrow ridge lines begin.

Once you make it to the top, if you took our advice, you should have the whole place to yourself. There are a ton of places to hang, catch your breath, and take pictures. On the way down, you will start to see the crowds begin to amplify and bottleneck at each chained scramble. These backups can get out of hand pretty quickly, but you should be outta there before it gets too crazy.

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Heavy Crowds
Backups at the chained rock scrambles can get insane. Spend less time waiting and get up early.

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Angels Landing
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Angels Landing
Angels Landing
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